HoLiDaYs…Bunkin’ Bedroom Fun!


Friends sleepover….cousins visiting….siblings company (whatever it may be), is totally what the holidays are all about! What better way to accomodate for the kids bunking together than having a safe, sturdy and athletically pleasing bunk!

Bunkers are the bunk bed specialists and I was so excited to have found an Australian bunk bed company who have been in the industry for over 30 years and have built an outstanding reputation for their clever designs, long-lasting and hard-wearing bedroom furniture.

My super dooper cool bunk is called the Treble Bunk Bed. Having the single at the top and double down the bottom, means comfortably fitting three munchkins in. Having the ladder at the end of the bed has opened up the front to easily access the double bed (so much easier to make the bed too).

I have two very happy boys loving the holidays and being able to bunk together (mind you this bunking I feel will last longer than the school holidays).

Now, let’s brighten the room and what a fabulous idea from Lummi & Co. These lights are bright cotton balls and you can create your own colour arrangement to suit any area. Lummi & Co were so helpful in helping to put together a colour scheme to match my bedding and room decor.


Needless to say, the fun part is dressing up the bunk and bedroom! How seriously gorgeous is my Hiccups For Kids bedding from Linen House . My linen consists of:


Obi Spearmint Quilt Cover Set


Wavelength Navy Quilt Cover Set

Happy Pineapple Novelty Cushion

50CB7608-B583-4E42-B631-9C04C9A1FBCEMagic Beans Novelty Cushion


Tiger Face Novelty Cushion


Tigris European Pillowcase


Elephant Head Novelty Cushion


Dot Dot Dot Pineapple Throw


Seas The Day Cushion


Fin European Pillowcase


Aquatic Cushion


Cleo Silver Cushion


Rugs and cushions warm a bedroom and my LeelaRound Floor Cushion in Navy from Sugarcane Trading Co and Mustard Dream Felt Ball Rug  from Felt Ball Rug

My rug and cushion are great for the kids rolling around on reading and playing. They have warmed the space perfectly.



HoLiDaYs…Bunkin’ Bedroom Fun!

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